We now have Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Illinois.

We are the first and only urgent care and occupational medicine provider in Illinois with the new Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test.  It provides positive test results in 5 minutes so a person can see their results immediately.


Now testing:

All patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

All healthcare workers, first responders, or patients deemed at risk by our providers (with or without symptoms)


All patients must have a physical examination using our Curbside Care program at one of our urgent care clinics prior to being eligible for COVID-19 testing.  This is an in-person physical examination to assess the patient’s severity.  If the patient qualifies for testing, the patient will be scheduled at one of our five testing facilities (spread out through the Chicagoland area and Rockford).

At the testing facility, the patient will receive their rapid COVID-19 test results.  The patient will consult with the provider and receive all appropriate discharge care instructions.

Currently, we are unable to test for COVID-19 in Indiana.  We hope we will able to test in the near future and will announce when it happens.

For more information, please contact our COVID-19 support team.


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